Hey! I am so glad you're here!

I'm Sydney - an outgoing, nature everything, Jesus loving, adventure seeking, country music listening, travel loving girl. Home for me is Bixby, Oklahoma but am available for travel wherever God may lead me. When I'm not at a session or in my office editing you'll probably find me with my boyfriend, family, and/or friends. I fully believe in that the photographer is a huge part in making the subjects comfortable during their session. I am 100% a people person inside and out and I always make it my main goal to make sure my clients are comfortable with and around me. This being said that is why I am so able to get those raw emotional candid images that I am so known for. I love meeting new people and am so excited that you are here!! *did I say that already?* I truly cannot wait to get to know you more and see if we are a good fit for one another! So please enjoy this site I have put together to not only show my work but showcase my personality. Hope to hear from you soon!

"A photograph is the pause button of life"


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